Sample Auto Finance Application:

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Application Details:

Application Number:123456
Application Date: 8/5/2015 12:34 pm EST
FICO Score:640
Credit Authorization: YES

Applicant Information:

Name: Jonathen Smith
Social Security #551-98-9919
Date of Birth:8/1/1980 

Address: 2112 W. Main Street #340C
City: Phoenix
State: AZ
Zip Code:85050
Address Type:Own
Time At Address:6 years  |  4 months
Rent/Mortgage Payment:$675.00

Home Phone: 602.334.3210
Work Phone: 602.611.1234
Mobile Phone:480.112.3344
Email Address:[email protected]

Employment Information:

Employer:Boeing Aerospace
Time At Employer: 14 years  |  0 months
Monthly Income: $4400.00

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