Buying Subprime vs Traditional Leads

Why special finance auto leads are the right choice for your dealership

Auto customers with less than perfect credit are always in need of financing. After being rejected by possibly numerous traditional lending institutions, often cases their only alternative is subprime lending. Those special finance sales leads are our specialty, and we can connect your dealership directly to these customers in your area. .

How we are different from other lead providers:

We generate our leads organically through a number of different special finance websites and advertisements, ensuring the leads are always fresh, and always flowing. These auto customers are ready to buy, and have been searching for dealers with the lenders and inventory to get a deal done. We have many different special finance auto lead programs available for auto dealerships, including our subprime auto sales leads, new car leads, and inventory marketing programs.

SpecialFinanceAutoLeads has been a pioneer in special finance auto lead generation since 2001. We are the originators of the live return service, and have been hailed as having the most flexible lead generation program available online.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Guaranteed number of Leads We go above and beyond what other companies promise. While many our competitors want you to pay a fee for a certain number of leads each month, we only charge you for what you receive.