New Car and Auto Quote Leads

You could be missing out on auto customers that are ready to buy!

If you are not already purchasing new car leads as part of your lead generation marketing, it might be time to rethink your approach. More than 80% of todays car buyers do their shopping and research online, and many of those customer already know in their head the exact car they want. While we all know the benefit of special finance leads, new car quotes can be equally as effective when added as part of your lead generation program.

Know the difference

New car quote leads tend to possess a slightly different make-up than that of a special finance application. While a spi-fi app will contain all of the essential and personal information needed to get a customer approved for financing, a new car sales lead will often times be missing some of that information. One of the main reasons for this is the ease of acquisition. A customer just looking for a price quote on a car is much more likely to complete a short form containing the name and contact information.

The Benefit of price quote leads

The benefit of new car quote leads is simple, you know EXACTLY what vehicle the customer is interested in. If your dealership is already in, or can be in possession of a similar vehicle, the conversion rates of these leads is through the roof. When paired with a live inventory stream, the value of these leads is unmatched.