Inventory Marketing for Auto Dealerships

Consider this:

More than 75% of car buyers do their shopping EXCLUSIVELY online. They are researching, evaluating, reviewing, and even locating the exact car they want before ever seeing it in person. If a customer is given enough information on a vehicle: options, color, warranty info, and price - they are 65% more likely to purchase that vehicle, over a similar make and model they haven't researched online. The difficulty then becomes ensuring your inventory is consistently updated and distributed to the right advertisements and websites as quickly and accurately as possible.

Where is my inventory seen?

Too many dealerships spend their time making sure their inventory is up to date on their OWN site, they fail to consider where it SHOULD be. With a fresh new inventory marketing approach, it is more important to get your cars where people are actually looking! Online classifieds such as local newspapers and eBay motors, and local auto ads such as CraigsList have always been an excellent place to advertise, but more and more people these days are turning to social media for auto searching. Marketing with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter not only ensures your business page(s) are up to date, but can seek out customers in your area that are looking for the exact car in your possession. What is more valuable than that?