Special Finance Auto Leads

AutoLeadPro generates exclusive special finance leads through and assortment of methods.

Special Finance Leads - Two persons shaking hands after a deal has been finalized.
Special Finance Leads - Two persons shaking hands after a deal has been finalized.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

Auto Lead Pro has meticulously crafted a cost-effective Special Finance Auto Lead Program that has revolutionized the industry. Dealerships have voiced their feedback, and we’ve eliminated the legwork, allowing them to concentrate on sales instead of grappling with time-consuming lead-related challenges. Below is a comparative chart illustrating our distinguishing features from competitors.

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Our innovative VActive Live-Transfer service by Autoleadpro is proven to help dealerships overcome one of their greatest obstacles… getting an applicant on the phone and scheduling an appointment.

After a subprime auto lead is generated, it is checked by our verification team. The verification process helps to identify and eliminate a bad lead before it reaches the dealership. This ensures that the dealership receives only qualified applicants and eliminates wasted time spent calling bad credit auto leads. If we connect with a live applicant during the verification process, one of our auto lead call representative will transfer the applicant directly to the dealership to schedule an appointment.

On average, we have experienced a 60% connection rate. The live transfer process is proven to get more applicants through the door and help dealerships to sell more cars.

Customize Your Auto Leads

We provide our dealerships the opportunity to customize the questions our representative will ask the live applicant. For example:

Dealerships can customize their leads using the following criteria:

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We Work With You

AutoLead Pro will work with your dealership throughout the entire process! This includes calling everyone of the subprime car leads that have not connected with your dealership. Additionally, we guarantee that every car lead is a prospect looking for a vehicle or we will replace the lead with a new one.

Every Dealership gets a free CRM tool with startup.

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