Live Transferred Special Finance Auto Leads

Our Live Transferred Auto Leads have a
75% better chance to sell a car.
Our Live Transferred
Auto Leads have a 75%
better chance to sell a car.
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Live Transferred Special Finance Auto Leads

Our Live Transferred Auto Leads have a
75% better chance to sell a car.
Our Live Transferred
Auto Leads have a 75%
better chance to sell a car.
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Auto Lead Pro Automotive Lead Generation

Auto Lead Pro has meticulously crafted a cost-effective Special Finance Auto Lead Program that has revolutionized the industry. Dealerships have voiced their feedback, and we’ve eliminated the legwork, allowing them to concentrate on sales instead of grappling with time-consuming lead-related challenges. Below is a comparative chart illustrating our distinguishing features from competitors.




Live Transfers

Verification Team

Call,Email & Texting

Appointment Setter

Free CRM with Unlimited Users

Lead Returns Allowed

Generated Exclusive Leads

Average Close Ration






$5-$9 Lower

$5-$9 Higher

Start Selling More Cars!

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Auto Lead Pro Dealerships are selling on average 12 cars every 100 leads with-in a 60 day period


Our dealership customers are seeing a return of 15X their initial investment



$15 per Lead

$1500 for 100 Leads

60% Live Transfers

40 Appointments Made

15 Appointments Showed

10 Sold Cars

$23 per Lead

$2300 for 100 Leads

No Live transfer

15 Appointments Made

8 Appointments Showed

4 Sold Cars




Our customers are our partners. We work best when we work together with you to sell more cars.
Our services have developed into a perfect mix of supporting technology and automotive industry professionals.​

Exclusive Real-time Leads

From more than 50 Automotive Web Properties, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, television and radio advertising efforts.

In-house verification team

Our team begins contacting every lead as it arrives. We ensure the prospect is real and in-the-market by phone, text and email.

Live Transfer Leads

Live Leads IN REAL TIME! Enroll in our VActive Live Transfer of customers direct to your dealership. 50-60% Transfer rate.

Free CRM Program

Our CRM simplifies customer management while streamlining lead processing and accounting.

Quality Control Specialist

Your leads are reviewed by a dedicated QC Specialist assigned to your dealership.

Dedicated Dealer Manager

Your dealership is assigned a Manager to assist with on-boarding, coaching and monitoring.

Special Finance Auto Leads

Your Ultimate Dealership Partner

AutoLeadPro has been working with dealers to sell more cars for more than 10 years. Our team is drawn from Automotive Industry professionals with decades of experience in all areas of automotive dealership operations.

To Meet Your Goals

Working Together

Auto Lead Pro has carved a niche for itself when it comes to Special Finance Automotive Leads. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing straightforward solutions that deliver tangible results for your dealership.

Our user-friendly, ready-made programs have consistently proven to be effective in increasing car sales. We invite you to explore our range of tailored programs, each designed to cater to the unique needs of your dealership.

With Auto Lead Pro’s Special Finance Auto Leads, you can expect not only improved sales but also a hassle-free experience that simplifies the process of connecting with potential buyers. We’re here to help your dealership thrive in the world of automotive sales.

Automotive Lead Generation
group happy businesspeople having meeting min

Live Transfers

Live Transfers Are More Than Just A Lead

Introducing our V-Active System, a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly merges Artificial Intelligence with a Live Business Development Center (BDC) to generate the most robust and precise subprime leads on the market. Here’s how it works:

AI Verification

Every lead that enters our system undergoes through our AI verification process. This ensures that we are working with high-quality, accurate data.

Multi-Channel Outreach

Once a lead successfully clears our AI verification system, we will call, email, and text with the mission to establish contact.

Persistent Engagement

We don’t stop at the initial attempt. Our dedicated team will continue their efforts to reach the applicant, making multiple follow-up attempts.

Seamless Live Transfers

When we successfully connect with the lead, we take it a step further by directly transferring the interested applicant to your dealership in real-time.

Automotive Lead Generation

Digital Marketing

Targeted Digital Marketing

Our Marketing Team leads the industry, using advanced methods to attract highly interested car shoppers. We employ a thorough strategy across multiple platforms and channels to reach potential customers effectively. Here’s how we do it:

Diverse Web Presence

We have a diverse online presence with more than 100 specialized websites. This helps us reach a wide range of car shoppers by catering to various demographics and preferences

Google PPC Excellence

Our expertise in Google PPC advertising ensures our strong presence in search results when potential customers are actively looking for a vehicle, bringing focused traffic to our websites.

Social Media Mastery

Through Social Media Marketing, we engage with car enthusiasts and potential buyers on platforms where they spend their time.Our tailored content and advertising campaigns are designed to create buzz and generate interest.

Traditional Media Impact

Television and Radio advertising plays a crucial role in our strategy, providing broad reach and brand recognition. These channels help us tap into a wider audience and reinforce our presence in the market.

Personalized Outreach

In addition to digital efforts, we harness the power of email and SMS marketing to deliver personalized messages directly to potential customers’ inboxes and mobile devices. This direct communication helps us establish a connection and nurture leads.​​

SMS & Email Marketing

With each successive generation, there is a growing inclination to engage with brand communications through SMS and email channels. To stay relevant and successfully connect with their target audience, companies must adapt to these evolving preferences. This entails establishing a robust bulk SMS and email system that seamlessly integrates with their broader marketing strategies.

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Auto Lead Pro offers a comprehensive suite of Special Finance Lead programs to fit every dealerships needs.

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